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Drainage Correction in Pasadena

Have you observed cracks in the walls of your foundation? Are you worried that your home’s structure is far from being sound? Have you noticed that posts in your basement bend or lean? If so, these are the clearest signs yet that your foundation requires immediate attention. True, some posts lean and stop, and some cracks aren’t harmful. However, these often point to more serious challenges.

Pasadena’s Premier Foundation Repair Experts

We are a Pasadena-based foundation repair experts authorized to engineer in-house. This enables us to offer more practical and precise foundation repair services to our clients.
We specialize in offering foundation repair services for residential, commercial and even public properties in Pasadena. We repair all types of foundations whether it’s stilt, brick/unreinforced masonry, raised or concrete slabs. We personalize every foundation repair for each home.

Experienced and Reliable Foundation Repair Pros

As the top Pasadena foundation experts, we have access to the latest solutions for foundation repairs. Our highly trained engineers have decades-worth of experience in tackling structural problems of any nature, in addition to soil conditions in Pasadena.Our engineers will perform a detailed analysis of your foundation problem and come up with a custom plan that meets your individual needs. We have handled all types of foundation problems, from concrete leveling to pressure grouting to radon mitigation to foundation raising.

Expert Foundation Repair in Pasadena

Whether you want to do home foundation repair in Pasadena or any part of California, preventive repairs are key and if ignored, will turn into a more expensive issue. If you notice horizontal or vertical wide or narrow cracks, water seepage or other small issues, it is in your best interests to have it handled before it transforms into something bigger. If you delay, you might have to deal with bowed or buckling foundation wall.

In some cases, all you need to stop your seepage is to patch a crack. However, this will do little to stop the continued degradation of your foundation.We handle the underlying causes before they turn into a bigger problem. Call us today for expert foundation repair Pasadena today!

The Pasadena Foundation Experts you can Trust

As Pasadena-based, family-owned company, we take the time to make sure that our customers are satisfied completely with our work. We value and cherish the relationship we have nurtured with our Pasadena home-owners. We always maintain the highest level of workmanship and attention to detail.

We offer all types of foundation repair services which include sump pump installation, water control, drainage correction and French Drains. Irrespective of the type of foundation problem that you are currently experiencing, we can help. We boast a proven track record and perfect answers to slab sinking, foundation or drywall cracks, unsuitable soil quality and settlement sinking.

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If you need more information about our services and how we can help, just call us. It’s always much better to attend to foundation problems early before they get worse. Get in touch with one of our expert engineers to check out your foundation before it becomes something else. Don’t ignore that crack!