Home Slab Foundation Repair in Pasadena

Home Slab Foundation Repair in Pasadena

Concrete foundation repair is a problem that many homeowners find themselves facing, though they aren’t always sure what should be done about it. It’s a problem that shouldn’t be ignored because what starts out as a small crack can easily become a more serious problem if left unattended. Believe it or not, cracks in concrete -even small ones can sometimes lead to major safety problems. As such, outsourcing the services of a professional foundation repair company like Pasadena Foundation Repair is called for.

Concrete Slab Cracks

It’s a fair assumption that a crack in a concrete slab will only get larger rather than smaller. It’s also possible for cracks to be accompanied by concrete slab shifting the cause of the major safety issues. If soil movement or settlement causes one section of a slab to sink below another, it can also create an irregular ridge in the place of a once flat, smooth surface. Such a ridge in your home concrete foundation is a hazard to all the people who reside in the building. The good news is that by simply hiring the services of our Pasadena based slab foundation repair company. We are a professional Concrete Foundation Repair company based in Pasadena, Texas, dedicated to ensuring all your slab foundation repair needs are met in the most professional manner.

How Water Makes Things Worse

A cracked slab located in a basement or crawl space is meant for much more concern. Such spaces are known for allowing water and radon gas to pass through, which means a crack, can be the likely cause or additional problem.

Say water does enter, now there’s potential for mold growth-but it must first come into contact with organic material like wood, cardboard, paper or cloth.

Radon gas, on the other hand, is a known carcinogen. It’s also the leading cause of lung cancer amongst nonsmokers. Since radon gas comes from the soil, any crack in a foundation slab can provide a pathway for this radioactive gas to enter into your house.

Why you should avoid quick fix DIY solutions

Although homeowners are often tempted to go for the quick fix -using patching mortar to fill the crack and bridge the slight elevation change-this “handyman solution” won’t hold up for long. The soil is certain to settle and shift further over time. When this soil movement occurs, the crack on the home concrete foundation will reopen, the patching material will break apart and you will face the same problem again but on a greater magnitude. To avoid such a scenario, it advisable that you hire a reputable foundation repair company to handle all your foundation repair needs.

The Proper Solution

If you see cracks accompanied by displacement or if you suspect that cracked concrete may be caused by soil settlement or soil pressure, the best strategy is to contact our experienced foundation repair contractors at Pasadena Foundation Repair, Texas. Our experienced full-service foundation repair company have the skill and equipment to evaluate foundation cracks and displacement as well as the soil conditions that are causing foundation damage to determine the ideal solution to your concrete foundation and house leveling problems.

The earlier that foundation damage is repaired, the less extensive and expensive the repair work is likely to be. Call us today on 281-884-3192 and receive our free service quote and quality foundation repair services.