Mudjacking & Pressure Grouting Pasadena

Mudjacking & Pressure Grouting in Pasadena

Pasadena Foundation Repair offers a wide range of high-quality foundation repair services to residents in Pasadena, Texas. Our clientèle includes homeowners and businesses in this locale and the surrounding areas. Thanks to our highly experienced staff and years of experience in the industry, our services are always customized to the needs of our clients for ultimate customer satisfaction.

Our company is local in Pasadena, and we know a lot about local architecture and some of the problems owners of these buildings face. We specialize in foundation repairs; and our concerns and skills as far as these important parts of a building go extend beyond regard for their structural integrity to concerns about their aesthetic appeal. Over the years, we have worked with several clients to make their foundations stronger and more appealing. We focus on providing high quality services in consideration of the importance and significance foundations have to any building.

Of course, to accomplish this, we work with a highly qualified and highly experienced team of foundation repair experts. Our professionals not only know how to provide quality and reliable foundation repair services, but they also know how to work closely with clients to ensure satisfying service delivery. This is something very few foundation repair outfits in Pasadena, TX can offer you.


This is a process used to raise floors, patios and basements that have settled by pumping a mixture of water, soil, sand, and cement under them. This ensures that the floor goes back to its original position. This is a highly complicated and delicate job that needs a high level of skill and specialist equipment.

Pressure Grouting

We are also pressure grouting experts, and we use this technique to strengthen foundations in places where softness or weakness has started to set in.

Flatwork Leveling

Flatwork leveling services is also something we provide in case horizontal foundation surfaces are causing structural foundation problems. This process involves making foundation alterations to ensure the concrete surface is level. The alternative is more expensive, as it involves having replacement concrete poured to achieve the desired leveling.

Raised Concrete Slabs

We can also create raised concrete slabs for our clients. So, if for any reason you need a raised concrete slab, you can trust us to get the job done for your in a professional manner.

When to Seek Foundation Repair Services

Foundation problems can plague any building, commercial or residential. The secret to ensuring that the problem does not compromise the entire structure is to have the damage repaired in time.

Some of the signs that your foundation might need some repair include bad smells, cracks, invasion by termites ad other pests, uneven floors, rotten wood, water pooling and so forth.

When any of things become apparent, it is usually the high time you called a reliable foundation repair company like ours to help you deal with the problem before it gets out of hand and compromises the structural integrity of the entire building.

Where to Get Foundation Repair Services

So, if you need foundation repair services in Pasadena, TX, and the surrounding areas, do not hesitate to get in touch with Pasadena Foundation Repair for the best quality services at highly affordable prices. Once you get in touch, you will talk to highly friendly experts who will give you a free estimate of the services you need from us.

Call us today on 281-884-3192 and let’s work out how to get your foundation repaired.