Signs of Foundation Problems in Pasadena

Pasadena – Signs of Foundation Problems

The foundation is what holds the entire building together. Without it, your house would be caved in within no time and become dangerous to live in. Your home is only as strong as its foundation. Foundation repair needs to be given the utmost attention. The fact is, it’s easy to ignore foundation cracks, sinking, and settling, but if the problem is not considered an emergency, chances are high that the problem will persist, become more noticeable, and undermine the structural integrity of your home.

If you are living in an area where your house gets wet a lot you need to have an expert from our Pasadena Foundation Repair company inspect your housing foundation. The reason for this is because if there are puddles around your house, even though your foundation is made of concrete it can start to get soft rot and crack. Once the foundation problem increases in severity, you will only have to spend more money to have the situation rectified.

Concrete by its very nature is prone to cracks, but this does not mean that foundation cracking in homes can be safely ignored. Even hairline cracks can widen quickly and lead to plenty of trouble, at a not so later date. Foundation cracks may occur due to a variety of reasons: earthquakes (even minor ones), unstable ground, groundwater issues, and age.

Detecting a Bad Foundation in Pasadena

You can detect a bad foundation if your walls have any cracks or seem to bend a bit. Also if the ceiling is bending or curving it is also a sign that you have a bad foundation. This can be extremely dangerous as the entire house could just cave in one day. In order to figure out if you need our expert repair services, ask yourself if your house is displaying these signs of foundation problems:

  1. Are there any cracked walls in your home?
  2. Does a dime easily fit into these cracks? (The thin way, not the widest part of the dime.)
  3. Does it look like your doors have fattened or the door frames have shrunk?
  4. Do your doors refuse to close properly?
  5. Are the floors in your home bulging and appear fattened in certain areas?
  6. Is the ceiling bending or curving?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes; you need to speak to our Pasadena Foundation Repair experts, for immediate foundation inspection, and if need be, repairs. Other maladies to watch out for are uneven flooring, separating of walls and doors, chimneys that appear to be leaning, and cracks in the flooring.

Buildings with a bad foundation are common and not that easy to fix. If you are planning on repairing your foundation, you need to ensure it is done properly by someone who is skilled and experienced at contracting. Someone who is going to do a quality job that will be worth your money in the long run. And such is our company.

Repair Methods

Our expertise and prowess in foundation repair are unmatched. There are many methods that we use to deal with foundation damage, but the to most common repair methods that we use are slab-jacking and piering. They are explained below:

• Piering

Piering is a method that requires the installation of piers or vertical columns that will serve as support for the horizontal beams of your foundation. Tensile steel beams, concrete, as well as reinforced concrete structures can be used to create these vertical piers. There are a number of piers that can be installed in your home: drilled bell piers, helical piers, pressed pilings, or steel piers. Our contractors will help you decide the kind of fixtures that should be added to your home to ensure maximum efficacy.

• Slab-jacking

Slab-jacking is the simplest way to ensure that a settling foundation is corrected. While this method is very simple, it is deceptive in its simplicity. This method works incredibly well if done correctly. Since there are cracks in the concrete slabs, slab-jacking concentrates on filling these holes. Additional holes are drilled into the walls to further reinforce it by injecting an organic slurry mix.

Our services are available in and around Pasadena, Texas. Call us today on 281-884-3192 and get a free estimate. Our experts will access your situation and give you all the information you need to get started on your foundation repair project.